serenadenkonzerte 88

To commemorate this remarkable musical tradition the State of Lower Austria has organized the so called autumnal “Serenadenkonzerte” on some of these spots of musical interest for more than 40 years. These matinées and evening concerts are mostly performed by established artists but they also offer a chance for young talented musicians to present themselves. Because of the special aura of the authentic sites in combination with the presented program and the outstanding performers these concerts enjoy high popularity with the audience. As naturally not all historic memorial places can be adapted for concerts the performances in Perchtoldsdorf and Baden are hosted in different, but also very charming locations.

The long list of artists who have performed in these “Serenadenkonzerte” sounds like the “Who is Who” of world famous musicians over the last decades. Among them you will find the outstanding singers James King, Irmgard Seefried, Arleen Auger, Anja Silja, Anton Dermota, Brigitte Fassbaender, Edita Gruberova, Waldemar Kmentt, Walter Berry, Marjana Lipovsek, Kurt Equiluz, Kurt Moll, Elisabeth Kulman, Daniela Fally, Bo Skovhus, Angelika Kirchschlager, Ildiko Raimondi, Herbert Lippert or Walter Bankl. But also excellent instrumentalists such as Erik Werba, Stefan Vladar, Helmut Deutsch, Jörg Demus, Joanna Madroszkiewicz, Karin and Doris Adam, Christopher Hinterhuber, Paul Gulda, Lidia Baich, Ernst and Daniel Ottensamer, David Lutz, Charles Spencer Harriet Krijgh and Christian Alternburger have contributed to the outstanding programmes.